• Ninja and Their Secret Fighting Art - Stephen K. Hayes‎
    Look past the legends and learn about the REAL ninjas of feudal Japan with this entertaining, illustrated ninjutsu guide.  Ninjutsu, the least understood of the Japanese martial arts, is an ancient fighting style emphasizing natural movement, responsiveness to adversaries, and absolute pract..
  • There's a beetroot in my cake Books
    This book is packed full of super nutrition and great ideas presented in a fun, accessible format. Judy and Jen are offering a collection of over sixty recipes embracing a solid understanding of wholesome, hearty nutrition while celebrating the joy and deliciousness of creatingsimple, good food for ..
  • Bruce Lee The Tao of Gung Fu  Martial Arts
    Bruce Lee totally revolutionized the practice of martial arts and brought them into the modern world—by promoting the idea that students have the right to pick and choose those techniques and training regimens which suit their own personal needs and fighting styles. He developed a new style of his o..
  • Bruce Lee Letters of the Dragon Martial Arts
    So much has been written about Bruce Lee—the martial arts superstar whose combination of strength, agility and charisma are legendary—but seldom are we able to see beneath the veneer of Lee's public image to view his inner self. Bruce Lee Letters of the Dragon does just that—offering a highly person..
  • Paleo Kitchen: Paleo, Primal & Grain-Free Recipes
    Paleo Kitchen brings together 75 favorite recipes from members of the incredible Paleo community. Every delicious recipe is Paleo friendly—no grains, gluten, legumes, or soy—and is accompanied by a full-page, mouthwatering, full-color photo, as well as insight as to why the recipe is important and h..
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  • Powerful Living: Mindset + Exercise + Recipes Books
    'This book is about YOU! It will be your roadmap to getting where you want to be, taking control and getting back your self-belief. Let's reignite your inner arse-kicker! This time, it's personal. Power up!' When you choose to change, Michelle Bridges gives you the power to get you to where you w..
  • Eat Fat Get Thin : Why the Fat We Eat is the Key to Sustained Weight Loss and Vibrant Health Health
    A revolutionary new diet program based on the latest science showing the importance of fat in weight loss and overall health, from New York Times #1 bestselling author For decades we've been told that the fat we eat turns to fat in the body, contributing to weight gain, heart disease, diabetes, and ..
  • The Young Lions by Judd Reid Martial Arts
    Few Aussie karate enthusiasts would be unfamiliar with the exploits of Shihan Judd Reid, one of Australia’s most lauded full-contact fighters and one of only a handful of people worldwide to have completed the infamous 100-man kumite. Reid’s long-awaited autobiography traces his long journey befo..
  • Strength Training for Triathletes Triathlon
    Strength Training for Triathletes offers a comprehensive strength training program for triathlon that will help triathletes build power, speed, and muscular endurance for faster racing over any race distance. Certified USA Triathlon coach and NSCA Personal Trainer of the Year Patrick Hagerman, Ed..
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  • Gut Health Diet Plan Health
    It is now widely recognised that gut health is critical to our overall health and that many major health concerns can be linked to an irritated or unhealthy gut. In fact, an unhealthy gut contributes to a wide range of chronic health disorders such as autoimmune conditions, allergies, arthritis, chr..
  • Super Food Family Classics Cooking & Food
    Freshen up your family favourites and expand your recipe repertoire with new nutritious, tasty meals- make your weekly menu something to shout about.Sneak in extra veg with Squash Mac 'N' Cheese and enjoy a no-arguments family dinner with Chicken Fajitas, Smokey Dressed Aubergines & Peppers. Whe..
  • Bra Boy Surfer, fighter, larrikin Richie 'Vas' Vaculik with Sean Doherty Martial Arts
    Richie Vaculik Stats 1 First Australian flyweight to be signed to the UFC 2.5 Number of hours spent fighting in the cage 3.5 Number of minutes he has held his breath under water 6 Number of kilos he can lose in the 24 hours before a fight 9.5 Number of kilos he can gain in the 24 hours after a ..