• Your Perfect Swing Golf
    Every golfer has an ideal swing based on natural tendencies, physical strengths, and desired shot pattern, which is why copying friends or favorite players usually doesnt work. In Your Perfect Swing, leading PGA instructor Dr. Jim Suttie shows you how to identify your tendencies and master a swin..
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  • 101 Essential Golf Golf
    From choosing the right equipment to perfecting your swing, this useful and authoritative guide covers everything there is to know about go ..
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  • Complete Conditioning for Golf
    From the tee to the greens, improve all aspects of your game with Complete Conditioning for Golf, a book and DVD package that presents the programs the pros use. Golfers at all levels benefit from golf-specific training. This expert program begins with evaluation and moves through targeted streng..
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  • Going for the Green
    To win, golfers have to get it all together and master every aspect of the game: the mental, the physical, and the mechanical. And that's exactly what they'll learn to do with the help of three top experts who work with the pros. Swing coach Gary Gilchrist, golf fitness trainer Susan Hill, ..
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