John Lennon - The Tribute

John Lennon - The Tribute

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The shooting of John Lennon in December 1980 robbed the world of one of its most popular singers, shortly after he emerged from a five-year musical hibernation. His loss is still felt greatly by those who grew up with the Beatles, and many who weren’t even born when he died. He left behind a body of work that remains a soundtrack to our lives.

Thirty six years have passed since his sudden, shocking, senseless murder, but John Lennon continues to intrigue and inspire. Singer, songwriter, poet, peace campaigner, controversialist… Lennon, an icon of the 20th century, remains a source of fascination into the 21st. There surely can’t be a deceased artist whose songs are heard so regularly in Britain, whether from the Beatles era or his solo years between 1970 and 1980.

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