Anti Ageing Secrets (Revised Edition)

Anti Ageing Secrets (Revised Edition)

Price: $16.95

This second re-print of Australian Natural Health Anti-ageing Secrets is a beautiful collation of some of the best expert beauty and health advice around. At ANH, we promote graceful ageing and an understanding that optimal health starts from within. In this issue,
you’ll learn that eating the right foods helps to promote the natural healing of the skin and prevent the onset of premature ageing (page 42), discover 10 natural herbs and spices that promote natural weight loss and wellbeing (page 60) and we examine some tried and tested anti-ageing secrets from around the world (page 94).

Each Health, Beauty, Body, Food, Lifestyle and Spirit section of this special will arm you with the knowledge to look and feel younger. We hope you enjoy this beautiful collector’s edition as much as we loved putting it together.

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