Detox: Glow From Within

Detox: Glow From Within

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The Australian Natural Health Detox special is a beautiful collation of some of the best ways to detox the mind, body, home and diet without the crazy fads and quick fixes. 

Starting with ways to cleanse from the inside out, we visit ‘The Alkaline Diet’ (p.14) while our article on ‘Detox for Weight Loss’ (p.20) will show you simple steps to change the way you eat, with the byproduct of this being a healthy weight loss rather than a drastic diet regime.

The next step is to give the body an overhaul with our tips on body brushing to recipes for great health accompanied by ways to detox your life and home.

Each section of our annual guide will give you a holistic overhaul so that you can be ready to take on life with a bounce in your step. I hope you enjoy this beautiful collector’s edition as much as I enjoyed putting it together.

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