Muse Magazine Issue #4 September 2017

Muse Magazine Issue #4 September 2017

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In the September Edition of Muse - the creativity issue - we talk to Australian Ballet dancer Alice Topp, who says her accidental encounter with choreography helped her to find a voice she didn’t know she had while helping her to make sense of the world. It also piques the creative paths of fashion designer Jasmine Gescheit, artist Veronica Cay and digital entrepreneur Amber Renae. But the creativity issue isn’t about art (although one might argue that life is art). Rather, it’s about expression and innovation. It’s about not knowing – which may be the greatest licence there is to explore, discover and learn. They’re themes reflected in the feature on contemporary imaginings of Freud’s talk therapy, which attempted to curate mental content. When it comes to creativity, psychoanalysis gives the Sistine Chapel a run for its money. Of course, it’s another language for French artist Marcel Duchamp’s take on art as co-created by artist and viewer. In that vein, I hope you’ll accept the invitation to create this issue with me. I look forward to hearing (or seeing) what creativity is for you.

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