Mass Muscle 2016

Mass Muscle 2016

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If you’ve picked up this magazine, you most likely don’t need much help getting motivated to go to the gym and hit the iron. By this point, you’re able to gee yourself up without much outside help. But everyone hits plateaus sometimes and there’s always room for improvement. If there’s one thing we know about our readers, it’s that they’re perfectionists who always strive to be bigger and better. With that in mind, the team from Australian Iron Man has compiled the best articles from the previous year on building lean muscle and fuelling your body with the proper nutrients, all with the aim of helping you in your quest to get bigger and better than ever before. 

In Mass Muscle, you will find the best strategies and plans for stacking on muscle, plain and simple. This is a special edition bursting with sleeve-busting, pump-inducing information to help you on your way to quality growth. You will find the best, most knowledgeable and experienced writers, the most appropriate workouts for growth and the science to back it up. In these pages, you’ll find both short tip-and-tricks pieces to help you improve your results, as well as longer articles on body part-specific workouts, training myth busting and forgotten exercises to get you huge.

Among our training features this year are ‘Arm building secrets of the pros’, ‘7 awesome train-insane mass tactics’, ‘High-end hypertrophy’ and so much more. Champion Australian bodybuilders Nathan Wallace and Scott Goble also share their views in ‘Building a champion body’ and ‘The perfect training program’. 

In addition, what kind of training guide would we be without some emphasis on nutrition? So we have a great nutrition section to keep you growing when you’re not in the gym. After all, if your nutrition game is poor, no matter how hard you train, you’re only doing half the work. Our nutrition features include ‘Boosting muscle recovery with nutrition’, ‘Supplements for extreme workouts’, ‘Eating for muscle and leanness’ and more.

Each item in Mass Muscle has been specifically chosen to help you, our serious trainee, reach the gym goals you have set for yourself. Whether you’re a trainee looking to step up your gains, or someone getting back on the wagon after some time away from the gym, Mass Muscle has what you’re looking for. Smash through your plateaus, change up your routines and get smart about your nutrition plan.

So, what are you waiting for? On your marks, get set, GROW!

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