Masters of Karate

Masters of Karate

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In the 29 years that Blitz Australasian Martial Arts Magazine has been covering the best in martial arts and self-defence, it has featured many who are considered the greats of karate, and still more who may not have wide recognition beyond Australia or perhaps outside the global organisations to which they belong, but who are nevertheless brilliant teachers of the art.

This special collectors’ edition features a mix of both the mega-famous and the ‘quiet achievers’ from a broad variety of karate disciplines and organisations. What each has in common, though, is a level of karate mastery that is decidedly uncommon, and a proven ability to lead others on their own individual martial arts journeys.

In reading this collection of karate insights gathered from far and wide, one thing that becomes evident is the level of extraordinary commitment shown by each sensei featured. To a man, they exhibit the kind of dedication to the art that can only inspire, and their stories offer clear evidence that true leadership in martial arts is done from the front — that is, by example, and by expecting nothing more from a student than you would expect from yourself.

It has been a privilege to have been able to conduct many of the interviews featured in this edition, and I’m sure that every karateka who picks it up will gain something of value from the words within — and a little more each time they are read, no doubt. Sometimes it’s not until we are at a point in our own journey where we’re able to see it that the words in front of us become ‘wise’.  


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